friday, aug 22, 2014

noa raviv's 3-d printing fashion collection
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40 of the last storybook towns in europe
photo of obidos by melissa toledo
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leonardo dicaprio's unusual photos from 1995
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crocheted cat cave
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every outfit worn by shelley long in troop benevery hills, ranked
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hand swallowing cars & traffic
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thursday, aug 21, 2014

russia wants bulgarians to stop vandalizing soviet monuments
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wednesday, aug 20, 2014

salvador dali's anti-v.d. poster
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japanese tsunami victims in the ruins of their homes
haunting photo series by alejandro chaskielberg
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found, cut & rearranged
the art of john stezaker
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sundown towns: a hidden dimension of american racism
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sunday, aug 17, 2014

female anatomical underwear
student eleanor haswell's feminist art project
via [bb-blog]
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them & theirs
people with their beloved cars - photographed by ryan schude
via creative boom
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'charlie rose' by samule beckett
via @beckittns
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kevin spacey does amazing impersonations while on the actor's studio
via the whelk @mefi
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buy a fort
mid 1800s fort in the thames estuary for sale
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carrot eating marmot
via arbroath
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sumo egg cups
via bookofjoe
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red panda wrestling match
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wild cats vs toilet paper
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saturday, aug 16, 2014

compelling portraits of people who live alone in the forest
russian photographer danila tkachenko
via nag on the lake
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fascinating doors from around the world
burano italy door by john c. hutchins
via the presurfer
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robin and koko
robin williams on johnny carson, 1991
robin williams in britain
robin williams and craig ferguson
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cyriak's malfunction
via @nickyskye
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gemma correll's new hairstyles for young ladies
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baby goat ballet
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human! stop this sadness, immediately
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sunday, aug 10, 2014

more kitty burritos and a lesson in purrito making
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military training targets from around the world
photography by herlinde koelbl
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the smile bitch training camp
via dangerous minds
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javelin unlanding - bill callahan
via it's nice that
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an amazing walk on rio de janeiro's christ the redeemer
via presurfer
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workin' woman blues - valerie june
thanks taz!
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amazing roller skating skills
via nag on the lake
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saturday, aug 9, 2014

posters from japan's taishō era
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crochet sculptures by hipota
via art is a way
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human remains displayed in strange places
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thunderstruck - steve'n'seagulls
bluegrass from finland
via miss cellania
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do i have ebola?
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kung fu master
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friday, aug 8, 2014

photographer james ostrer's sweet series
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pixelated mondrian and rothko
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black bear stalks joggers
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dirty bird
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vent haven museum
"only museum in the world dedicated to the art of ventriloquism"
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rare celebrity auditions compilation
via neatorama
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vintage farm stand photos
via presurfer
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3:00 p.m. rise
3:05 Chivas Regal with the morning papers, Dunhills
3:45 cocaine
3:50 another glass of Chivas, Dunhill
4:05 first cup of coffee, Dunhill
4:15 cocaine
4:16 orange juice, Dunhill
4:30 cocaine
4:54 cocaine
5:05 cocaine
5:11 coffee, Dunhills
5:30 more ice in the Chivas
5:45 cocaine, etc., etc.
6:00 grass to take the edge off the day
madamjujujive at 10:29 pm