sunday, sep 9, 2001
polymer clay online museum
quonsartronic® at 11:25 pm
64 ways to piss off cops
rixportitis™ at 10:13 pm
rosie o'donnell doll
realistically proportioned
"...a bit more bump in her rump, a little more breadth in the bosom, and a realistic, movable waistline."
shelldrakus of bork™ at 10:09 pm

quonsar at 9:39 pm
how to shape shift to dolphin form
quonsar at 9:30 pm
egyptian rat screw
quonsar at 8:38 pm
purple outcast
quonsar at 8:30 pm

quonsar at 7:48 pm
how to make love to a single girl
quonsar at 7:47 pm

quonsar at 7:13 pm
the samuel l. jackson soundboard
quonsar at 6:55 pm
ahp art installation: 150x150 px
quonsar at 6:52 pm
i'm an official cabbage
quonsar at 5:51 pm
i am a goose
quonsar at 5:45 pm
the identity crisis of murray the bacterium
"I'd had a troubled night. If only I could've found my new library book, The First Swallow of Spring by Monica Lewinsky, a few paragraphs of that might've sent me off to sleep. But probably not even that would do it this particular night."

quonsar at 4:09 pm
when I created this web site three years ago, my clients were being visited and abducted by the greys. things are different now. my clients are currently being traumatized and raped by the reptilians.
your clients are making wonderful progress.
quonsar at 2:44 pm

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quonsar at 4:03 am
saturday, sep 8, 2001

quonsar at 11:29 pm
nuke the hamptons (.com)
quonsar at 10:16 pm

shelldrake at 9:23 pm

quonsar at 8:45 pm
christian punk and hardcore chat. rock on! welcome to the jungle. this is a canadian site, but international discussion is encouraged. post messages and check the chat often. keep rockin for god.
quonsar at 8:19 pm
the camel-toe report
quonsar at 8:03 pm

the potato god worship center
dedicated to evangelism on behalf of Our Starch-Based Savior
quonsar at 8:02 pm
friday, sep 7, 2001
pooping animal keychains
This little piggy goes to the bathroom
"when you squeeze its body, poop-like slime comes out of the butt. And when you release it, the poop goes right back in! Ahh, the wonders of modern science."

quonsar at 11:13 am
calling for pizza
quonsar at 10:50 am

quonsar at 9:04 am
are you a unicorn?
the mission and meaning of unicorns
"Who am I? Why am I here? What is it I'm seeking in this strange place day after day? I knew a moment ago, but I've forgotten."
quonsar at 8:44 am
seige-engine (.com)
quonsar at 8:37 am
struck by lightning
quonsar at 8:27 am
thursday, sep 6, 2001

danger zone wrestling
"What We Lack In Wrestlers, We Make Up With Violence..."
shelldrake™ at 10:55 pm

preserved sheep brain
complete with meninges and cranial nerves
"Brains are initially preserved in formalin, cleared in polyethylene glycol, and then re-packaged in individual bags."
quonsar at 8:09 pm
guns save lives (.com)
quonsar at 7:15 pm
bank of america kills (.com)
"What is the robbing of a bank compared to the founding of a bank?" - Bertold Brecht
quonsar at 7:09 pm
random hall bathroom server
quonsar at 7:06 pm

tammy slug (.com)
Official Pacific Northwest Slug Page
"Some people hate slugs. Some people love slugs. Some people think slugs are the greatest thing since strawberry jam. Some people put slugs in their strawberry jam."
quonsar at 7:03 pm
disposable urine bagsit's a bird! it's a plane! no, wait - it's a disposable urine bag!

quonsar at 6:49 pm
guerrilla queer bar (.com)
quonsar at 6:40 pm
wednesday, sep 5, 2001

eugene mirman (.com)
the marvelous crooning child
quonsar at 10:29 pm
the codex idiotica
"The following is the only known english version of the text upon which the religion of 'Idiotica' is based (a religion that is centered completely on stupidity and senseless yet accidental bodily injury)."
quonsar at 10:22 pm
cats sing with random pitch
quonsar at 10:15 pm

quonsar at 10:08 pm
learn pig latin
vital internet resource #1179549
quonsar at 10:03 pm

quonsar at 9:58 pm
beer advocate (.com)
quonsar at 9:45 pm
supermarket enslavement secrets
quonsar at 9:42 pm
if you ask me, if you listen to the beatles, you may as well climb the tallest mountain and denounce god while on your hands and knees in a puddle of water, with a nine iron protruding from your rectum while reading gay porn.
quonsar at 8:43 pm
tiger beetles of connecticut

quonsar at 8:24 pm
try not to throw up if at all possible, but some do end up in the bathroom clearing from both ends
quonsar at 7:56 pm

quonsar at 11:35 am
quonsar at 11:04 am
tuesday, sep 4, 2001

quonsar at 7:15 pm
signs of alien hybrid rape
from the abductees that have been there
quonsar at 6:18 pm
honey, does this skirt make my butt look fat?
quonsar at 6:03 pm

quonsar at 10:58 am
might be the corn, might be the peas, i dunno what it is, but it sure seems to please
quonsar at 10:41 am
the product placement bible
quonsar at 10:07 am
quonsar at 10:04 am
666 and other numbers of the beast
quonsar at 9:56 am
the holy bible: c.r.a.p. media analysis report
quonsar at 9:43 am
those who know go below
golden gate tunnel (.com)
The Golden Gate Tunnel is the first tunnel in the world to provide a true transportainment™ experience. It's a competitive world out there, and the bridge just can't keep up."
quonsar at 9:37 am
queen bitch of the universe (.com)
quonsar at 9:05 am
pure bull (.com)
Quality Putters made from a bull's @#$%@!
"The shaft of the Pure Bull Putter is in fact the reproductive organ of an American bull, yes the actual length . . . and that's no bull!"
quonsar at 9:00 am

quonsar at 8:52 am
the aliens walk among us
a scalpel's story

quonsar at 8:43 am
the aliens walk among us
quonsar at 8:27 am
skulls unlimited (.com)
quonsar at 8:22 am
monday, sep 3, 2001
how to identify a wannabe phony fake seal
quonsar at 11:44 pm
poopus boobus peepus bunkus & ed
quonsar at 11:16 pm
the goat-fucking hillbilly photo contest winners

shelldrake at 10:51 pm
the dick dastardly corporate mission statement

quonsar at 9:26 pm
the sandman ate my balls
quonsar at 9:10 pm
mcband: bigger than god
quonsar at 9:06 pm

quonsar at 7:28 pm
unosunosyunosceros (.com)
quonsar at 6:49 pm
quonsar at 2:46 pm
don't situate an unprotected face within five centimetres of an unsheathed flatulent anus
but then, you knew that.
quonsar at 2:34 pm
the flower's desire
[mystified, quonsar shrugs]
quonsar at 1:48 pm

quonsar at 1:36 pm

quonsar at 1:18 pm
going down?
quonsar at 1:11 pm

i heard rumours that this may be a lost warhol...
quonsar at 1:02 pm