sunday, dec 9, 2001
this page is for givin mad props to my fly toilet, the American Standard TYPE R!!! BI-ACH!!!
quonsar at 10:48 pm
three days ago, around two o'clock in the afternoon, my idea had an idea.
madamjujujive at 10:45 pm
mutton & prunes
madamjujujive at 8:57 pm

big babywear
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trooper clerks
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cold sores (.net)
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rebuilding noah's ark
madamjujujive at 7:58 pm
haystack dryers
designed to efficiently and enjoyably dry the human body
"The Haystack dryer incorporates four high-volume fans to create a patented, horizontal vortex of warm filtered air. As people enter the Vortex, soft lighting is automatically switched on and the fans are driven to full operational speed, natural air interchange occurs, and, where appropriate a gentle and warm drying sensation similar to that of a warm, windy, sunny day."
madamjujujive at 7:44 pm
sexually mutilated child (.org)
"I remember my foreskin. I want my foreskin back."
no, it ain't kiddie pr0n, it's circumcision. not for the queasy, the site offers many gems such as the incomparable rabbi sucking blood from infant penis and culinary masterpiece "the animal kingdom would probably cease to exist without smegma."
[voice of homer simpson] "mmmmmm. smegma...."
buffus at 7:01 pm
5 foot long fecal impaction removed with dr. schulze's intestinal detoxification program
buffus at 6:41 pm
the british royal family pedophile scandal
dylan's telepathic witch cats are some bad juju, madam. he controls the billboard charts with them.
quonsar at 6:59 am
a place to see pictures of bowlcuts, buzzes, flattops, high & tights, mohawks, & all radical haircuts
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condiment packets
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japanese clone miniature llamas
bonsai llamas - are humans next?
"Scientists are worried that these experiments might next be carried out on humans. Proponents claim that not only would it solve the crowded living conditions, but that food shortages would no longer be a problem."
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gallery of gay cowboys
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fluffy fudgilicious puffs
what's your cereal name?
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sharon stone's scar (.com)
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saturday, dec 8, 2001
dolly the cloned sheep gets a hug
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one night i walked home very late and fell asleep in somebody's satellite dish. my dreams showed up on TVs all over the world.
quonsar at 9:14 am
the amazing catapult watch
"The only watch that's also a weapon- it shoots BBs across the room."
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thursday, dec 6, 2001
in 1967 there was birdman
a sun worshiping winged mutant hanging out in a volcano with an adolescent same sex friend - this is what those anti-harry potter religious nuts watched when they were kids.
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madamjujujive at 10:12 pm
breeding for results
quonsar at 10:10 pm
yes, this is THE getcrafty spinning skull!
each skull is unique
"Some days I feel like making the left eye larger, some have more teeth than others and some look meaner than others."
quonsar at 9:56 pm

feline medical curiosities
madamjujujive at 9:28 pm
after this test you should wipe off your mouse with alcohol and remove any stray pubic hairs.
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shocking confessions of pedophilic depravity.
madamjujujive at 7:25 pm
two people i'm glad i'm not
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god hates america (.com)
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computing the way it used to be
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gay pron
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wednesday, dec 5, 2001
llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch (.com)
quonsar at 11:09 pm
build your own gas mask from computer parts
"the SorgoMask (TM) ligthweigth, comfortable, beautiful, cheap, safe and finished.Two 9v batteries are used to turn on the fan.Lifespan of the product is several decades. You only need to change the filter every 15 times of use.The black tubes are used for nothing, but it looks cooler and marketing is marketing."
unxmaal at 10:56 pm

matt foley: motivational speaker
quonsar at 10:43 pm
general zod's cookhouse
beef or chicken?
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the wpi ccc shop & netops interactive christmas tree at
quonsar at 10:25 pm
bee jay
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welcome to salim enterprises international
start your own home based business umpire
"You have come to your one shop stopping place for Internet design, quality Amway products, Excel long distance service, Equinox supplys, and if you live in the Phoenix area-- car detailing and landscapping!!!!!!"
quonsar at 8:36 pm

flying asses
madamjujujive at 8:23 pm
melvik of remlar at 8:15 pm

blow up girl at the beach
madamjujujive at 7:37 pm
the internet conspiracy generator
rumor-mongering made easy
"It's never been easier to become a Net nut-case than with the Internet Conspiracy Generator."
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tampon angel
madamjujujive at 7:18 pm
mary's biker bitch hot sauce
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big jim's roach clip of the month
madamjujujive at 7:06 pm
institute of druidic technology
"Our ethno linguists are analyzing both ancient and modern languages for the likely etymology of computer-related terms. A recent discovery is that the word "sega", assumed to be of Asian origin, is actually derived from the Medieval Gaelic for "hedgehog".
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monday, dec 3, 2001
KPMG sucks
"The following web link activities are explicitly prohibited by KPMG and may present trademark and copyright infringement issues:
  • Links that involve unauthorized use of our logo
  • Framing, inline links or metatags
  • Hyperlinks or a form of link that disguises the URL and bypass the homepage."
    quonsar at 1:06 pm
  • Thank you so much, ATT/Excite@Home.
    After paying through the nose just to STAY your customer when I moved in September, you've now cut off service totally and without adequate warning. There is no reason to shut the network down just because the 'content' provider has gone broke. Nobody ever looked at that sucky Excite 'content' anyway - nobody bought the service for that AOL-like crapola 'content' - we bought it for the HIGH SPEED ACCESS. That's all that mattered. When will you 'content' assholes get a clue??? You suck!
    Eileen and Andrew from ATT Broadband want to hear what you think!
    click here to tell eileen she sucks!
    click here to tell andrew he sucks!
    quonsar at 8:52 am