sunday, apr 28, 2002
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uncle bugly
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atomic bombing
"Come what may, the world will continue in its orbit, peopled by human beings who will carry on the civilization so painfully evolved through the ages... Each generation is born, lives and dies. The A-bomb, if it comes, like any disaster, will prune human lives. Finally each of us must die. It is a question of timing. Perhaps this book will save your life."
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the czar of bizarre
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living with leslie
austin's most famous homeless person
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christians for cannabis
"We base our position on: the inerrancy of the Bible; God's creatorship of the earth and all that is in it, including the seed bearing plant we call cannabis or marijuana; Jesus's commands to not judge anything before the appointed time and to love as he loved; and how love does no harm to its neighbor."
see also: baptists for bongs
methodists for methadone
lutherans for lithium
pentacostals for PCP
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home science experiments for mothers of elementary school children
"Mom: "Ready? Go!"
Toshi blows through a straw.
As the flour powder is blown toward the candle frame, the powder catches red flame.
Mom: "Oh! Did you see it? "
Toshi: "It was amazing!"
Mom: "It was so surprising that the powder caught fire so quickly!"
Mom: "Toshi, you are a fire breathing man!"
Toshi: "No, I am a man covered all over with flour."

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imagine a world without murder
"Precrime is a groundbreaking homicide prevention system developed by a team of technologists and crime specialists under the authority of the United States government. Precrime never fails. This is because Precrime uses a revolutionary new technology called previsualization that allows police detectives to witness, verify and halt murders before they occur."
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alana's involuntary celibacy project
not recommended for the prevention of masturbation.
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tranzport hood
"Designed to prevent spitting and discourage biting by prisoners in custody. It's easy to use and stays in place with a secure-lock tab. One size fits all. Disposable... Note: The TranZport Hood should not be used on any person that is unconscious, vomiting, in respiratory distress or obviously needs medical attention. Anyone wearing a hood should be under constant supervision of the responsible parties."
but does it prevent masturbation????
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exposing the REAL number one public health problem in america today: masturbation
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when you can break the bonds of lust that women hold over men, like the way a terrorist holds a person hostage
"Masturbation can be a powerfull addiction. Women tempt men into lustfull thoughts, such as eve tempted adam with the apple. Since the Dawn of time women have sought to corrupt mens godly thoughs... Here are some steps to taking back your life from women and getting back to God."
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shut the hell up
and masturbate.
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touch yourself for a good cause
"Ask your friends and neighbours to sponsor you for every minute of masturbation during May 18-19."
after all, it's national masturbation month.
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friday, apr 26, 2002
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extraneous nipple theater
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when big hair ruled the ABA
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britain throws away 8 million disposable nappies every day
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the original dancing jakob neilsen
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wednesday, apr 24, 2002

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tuesday, apr 23, 2002

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farting dog harmonics
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put some beef in your basket
"Now YOU can be the center of eye-catching attention at your next pool party or workout session! Just slip this realistic molded basket enhancer inside your briefs! Indented, tan-colored nylon cup holds your equipment comfortably while projecting a virile image of well-endowed manhood. Works best with any tight fitting non-sheer garment. One size."
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have you been financially raped by landover baptist church?
"Hello, my name is Dora. Youve seen my picture, so you know that I am an extremely attractive woman. But that is only 7/8 of my story. I am also very sophisticated. But dont let that intimidate you. I have my foibles and weaknesses. In fact, I am currently in recovery for the psychological abuse I have suffered at the hands of Landover Baptist Church."
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two-headed mutant?
no! toadpr0n!
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male dancers from the wangurri clan group entertain guests with the traditional dance of the spirit people
"Dance of the Spirit People" highlights the importance of spirituality in aboriginal culture, and is performed to guide a deceased persons spirit safely into the spirit world. The dance captures the ceremony involved in preserving the bones of the dead in a log coffin. The chattering of the cockatoo is acted out as if they were witnessing the raising of the coffin from the treetops."
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var det krlek det hette??
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index of /bilder
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i want my mefi!
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monday, apr 22, 2002
the politician
"From out the Pit, the one shall rise To lead revolt amongst the Fallen. As it is written, so shall it be: The war for Heaven is fought on Earth..."
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um, uh, ahem.
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bungee wedding!
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however, the power to determine who, what, when and how much it will cost remains with us...
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diagnostic breast examination kit
"The model responds to gentle palpation in an extremely life-like way; it contains a simulated carcinoma, fibroadenoma and a benign cyst. This cyst can be aspirated and recharged from the reservoir behind the breast. A bladder behind the breast can be squeezed to pump fluid into the cyst which in turn allows the trainee to practice aspiration."
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ninja mask lessons
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buzz kit
"can be put together in many different ways... and by pressing the button kids can flash and beep at their friends."
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clarification regarding rate of tax on brylcream anti dandruff hair tonic.
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mink bears and bunnies
"At Adrienne & The Misses Bonney we have something special for everyone. Beautiful creatures crafted by hand from recycled mink coats."
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all about electronic masturbation
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usda choice
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nobody here just me
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