sunday, oct 20, 2002

mosquito alarm clock
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penises have higher bandwidth than cable modems
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mountain dew shotgun
"This "Six Pack" model of the "Dew the Dew Mountain Dew 12 oz. can Shotgun Style delivery system allows the user to "rapid fire" 12. oz unopened Mountain cans at incredible velocities! This unit was used in the making of the many Mountain Dew commercials you see each day!"
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bear heirs
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there can be [long squeaky fart] comprehensive human dignity on a massive scale without [burp] raging disease
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on the floor of a forth century christian church in istanbul turkey is a mosaic of jesus christ. he is portrayed as a dark skinned man with short black kinky hair.
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a stainless steel twin pan sink with drainer and undershelf
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"The best midget clown ever!!!! Balloon animals (sausage dogs, and hippos, worms and more!) Custard Pies and foam pool fun. Clown Car and small tricycle (funny) Barnie the Clown Dog NEW!!! Also available for private adult shows (extra charge for touching). Please dont leave nasty messages, I can trace your house from your computer, and I will come round - would you like that? Would your wife and children? Yes, probably they would"
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godzilla foot lover
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we're flying your inlaws at half price
3 meg MPEG movie
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sunny buick
madamjujujive at 2:58 pm
genuine fetal skull
"This pre-term specimen was collected in France around the turn of the century. Has a hole in each side of skull which can be seen in the photos. The top of the skull is dented in a little as well. This can be fixed by soaking the bone and setting it straight. This tiny skull has a great look and is incredibly rare."
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saturday, oct 19, 2002
ghetto flyer
"I got this car from my dad to drive around the yard because the frame was too rusted to pass inspection. The reason for the fuel tank on the front of the car like that is because the fuel line running from the tank to the engine shit the bed. The big boxy looking thing on the side of the car on the passengerís side, that is actually the muffler. I'm not quite sure how this car still runs because since we bought the car when it was brand new till now we have only changed the oil twice and it has 150,000 miles."
thx and a tip o' the blort-filled hat to the tandem pickle.
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mommy, where did i come from?
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spiraling moon
menstrual art by Vanessa Tiegs
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grand master dong
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the greatest auto dealer commercial of all time
3.6 meg QuickTime
and of course
the making of the greatest auto dealer commercial of all time
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be safe. be strong.
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madamjujujive at 1:59 pm

elftor meets osama bin laden
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learn to do the ketchup dance
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for those of you named linus, still living in your parent's basement watching martian successor nadesico in your underwear, its the section of the mag with all the prototype shots of the up and coming gokin.
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nigger hater pager
people like this are confined to trailer parks for your safety.
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strip or die
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friday, oct 18, 2002
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thursday, oct 17, 2002

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wednesday, oct 16, 2002
26 cubic foot multi-media refrigerator
The first refrigerator of the Internet Age
"Watch the morning news, download recipes, send and receive e-mail, or leave video messages for your family with a refrigerator? You can if it's the LG Multi-Media Refrigerator. It combines leading-edge refrigerator technology with digital connectivity and control and brings you an unprecedented degree of convenience, quality, and coolness. All enclosed in a fingerprint-proof Titanium Finish."
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gas station decoys
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tuesday, oct 15, 2002

8/01 - electrocuted in left ear at a public telephone
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bali blast
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monday, oct 14, 2002

a vibrating crystal keeps master time
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secret pictures of phone switches
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the bling king: hip hop rides
"If you are a real and true part of the HIP HOP Culture...if you are for real about the way you "REPRESENT" your Image (IMAGE IS EVERYTHING) and you are not "PERPETRATING", you are at the right Domain. Here you will PURCHASE the Latest, Highest Quality "BLING BLING" Watches, Chains, Medallions and HIP HOP Fashion on the Internet."
you buy. now.
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truth in endorsements
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i am the biggest loser of all. and i am going to make money on the internet or i will eat my own shit and die
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it came out of the sky
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"The 'Dolly', with bra. Serves 10!"
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hold the nose-ring tight and do not allow even a doubt
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