sunday, dec 8, 2002

pupkin super flash adventure
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the museum for the preservation of elevating history
"The Elevator Museum is an educational tool designed to provide students, researchers and [vertical transportation] industry members with a broad picture of how lifting has evolved through the ages."
brought to you by elevator world.
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the maintaineers
"Sam and Samantha are fictionlized versions of real people. Their stories, which really happened, are a sample of what elevator personnel encounter in the day-to-day task of taking care of elevators."
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this bin discharger, it vibrates?
"Carman Vibrating Bin Dischargers eliminate hopper flow problems including Bridging, Ratholing, and Segregation by using vibratory action to improve bin flow and easily discharge virtually any material."
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wash away your sins moist towelettes
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saturday, dec 7, 2002
make money fast hall of humiliation
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alien chihuahua snowboarding
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unusual kentucky
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chubby kids club
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tupac administers his flesh monkeys from beyond the grave
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thursday, dec 5, 2002
we're very sorry but we had to take down our quicktime movie of all those dogs fucking
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it's been just over a year since the juju madam made her first appearance bearing her horn o'blort a'plenty, and the joint ain't been the same since. lottsa blortlove is what the madam deserves, and lottsa blortlove is what y'all can be sending her way!
special hugs from amberglow and the q-man
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tuesday, dec 3, 2002

airplane homes
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military teddy bears
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creating superior labor one worker at a time
"The researchers here at BioCom have two primary goals - to completely invade the flesh with vision and mapping technologies (initiating a program of total body control from its wholistic, exterior configuration to its microscopic constellations), and to develop the political and economic frontiers of flesh products and services."
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the poop and the pendulum
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animal firm
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monday, dec 2, 2002

zoo torah
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voodoo spiritual temple
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would you like to have sex with me?
over 214,000 people already have!
"Are you lonely? Frustrated? A 40-year-old virgin living with his mother? I was too, until I discovered...THE INTERNET. And now you can learn the secrets of my success in my video, How To Be A Cyber-Lovah."
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federal bureau of prisons inmate locator
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seduction down the toilet goes
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