sunday, feb 1, 2004

squeeze me
quonsar at 1:07 am
saturday, jan 31, 2004
hasafors bertil's soundbox
quonsar at 2:57 pm

theophilus' world
madamjujujive at 11:23 am
clay kitten shooting II
madamjujujive at 11:19 am
wednesday, jan 28, 2004

ame * nara gokuraka
madamjujujive at 10:31 pm

hit me!
quonsar at 8:25 pm

still loving you
mr. crash davis at 8:06 pm

kaba kick
"Kaba Kick is russian roulette for kids. The player points the gun at his or her own head and pulls the trigger."
anathema at 11:01 am

clyven - the world's first transgenic mouse with human intelligence
"By implanting human brain cells (grown from a human embryo's stem cells) into a mouse engineered to have Alzheimer's, Dr. Keyes inadvertently made a remarkable and startling discovery: she not only cured the mouse's Alzheimer's Disease, but the animal soon developed the relative intelligence of a human being."
quonsar at 6:16 am

dburns pond
quonsar at 3:28 am

terribly inappropriate 1-1/4 anti-nixon cello
"Exceedingly cruel and inappropriate 1" red, white and black anti-Nixon cello, implying assassination of Nixon. No makers marks . . . no one dared take credit for issuing this pin!"
tj at 2:10 am

box bots
quonsar at 12:56 am

scarti di porcellana
quonsar at 12:38 am
knick knack paddy whack, give the dog a bone
mr. crash davis at 12:35 am

i hate kowpics
mr. crash davis at 12:17 am
tuesday, jan 27, 2004

penal-ware suicide resistant 18" lav/toilet comby
because it's a pain in the ass when your toilet commits suicide.
quonsar at 11:50 pm

faux noseart
tacodog at 11:38 pm